Sustainable Events

GHG is able to provide temporary stand-alone power for the events, broadcast, and construction industries; permanent stand-alone power for rural locations and telecommunications; and back-up (UPS) power with extended run times for locations with intermittent grid connectivity.

GHG can offer generating equipment which is zero emission, true silent running and eliminates the need for inflammable fuel. GHG has been successfully utilising this product for the last two years in the oil and gas, engineering, construction, agricultural and camp construction arenas.

We’ve used this technology in the UAE and the UK, both with very convincing results. The main uses have been to provide off-grid power solutions along with the enhancement of renewable energy to diesel generated power.

The Events Market 

Through the use of mobile renewable energy generators GHG Energy can provide solutions to reduce CO2 emissions from the ever present requirement for generated power at outdoor events.

This will in turn benefit all those involved by committing to a more energy efficient event power system and therefore providing a reduced carbon footprint.

  • Synchronises with conventional diesel generators
  • Reduces generator fuel consumption
  • Lowers event carbon footprint
  • Assists in working towards ISO20121 for Sustainable Event Management

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