Considerations for design


  • Structural integrity of our products
  • Fire resistance of materials within each structure
  • British & EU Standards conformity of all components
  • Ergonomic considerations for internal layout
  • Fire detection and alarm system integration and maintenance
  • Safe storage and use of water
  • Ventilation


  • Working overseas: political conflict / diseases and required immunisations / weather concerns
  • Lone working considerations
  • Transportation of products
  • Security of products
  • M&E Systems set up, testing, commissioning, sign off
  • Foundation suitability: a client concern which must be approved pre installation

User Safety

  • Pre-use checks of all products following transportation and installation followed by sign off: internal and external aspects
  • Ventilation
  • Risk of fire: systems operational and maintained
  • Structural integrity: installation at each location and construction
  • Fire detection and alarm system integration and maintenance
  • Restricted access or manipulation of all M&E systems: all systems closed off to unauthorised access
  • Ventilation