Why GHG?

GHG Ltd is making waves both at home and abroad and our team is dedicated to success and achievement.

We have already been involved in some exciting projects that have required an entire team effort relying upon our various skill sets ensuring that we left a lasting impression and wiped away the competition with originality, experience, research, implementation and client satisfaction.

Below we have highlighted five areas that we feel you would benefit from reading.


Our range of services and products are suitable for the most demanding of renewable energy needs.

Through our experience of past projects, planning and design of a variety of bespoke systems, our multi skilled team and our desire to ‘get each project right’ we can provide a unique consultation service that will consider all aspects of your needs.


Our combined team credentials provide us with an opportunity to cover all bases professionally leaving no stone unturned. With this comes a desire to continually improve our service and standards and this results in a sustainable appetite for motivation.

This unified goal keeps us striving for success and thankfully provides our clients with five star results every time.

We express our pride and passion by working closely together, with colleagues and customers. We support attempts to improve sustainability of working methods and end results through innovation and creativity. That is how we grow, both as a business and as professionals.


Domestic, commercial, off grid, new-use design systems at home and abroad are all catered for and we would be happy to discuss our unique and interesting range of past projects with you. Of course it goes without saying that client confidentiality is a key component to our business.


GHG is committed to the future awareness of our products and services and the suitability over the long term that these will and need to provide.

Not only are we ruthless in our research, selection and use of our products to ensure the highest of standards for now and the future but we are also investing our own resources into the development and production of GHG products and systems.

These products and systems are not limited to the domestic and commercial markets but also to off-grid and the live events industry. We expect to have very exciting news about this over the coming months.

We look to the future to enhance the world we live in. By applying sustainability considerations to all of our design, consultancy and management services right across the chain, our highly-skilled expert professionals are able to create lasting solutions that plan for, connect and respect the future.


At GHG we adhere to the highest standards and take great care and pride in the quality of our work. We strongly believe that central to the quality of our workmanship is our highly qualified and experienced directly employed team.

All of our installers are CRB checked and possess CSCS qualifications.

GHG Installations are fully accredited with the following bodies/schemes:


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