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Whether industrial or residential, consumers in remote or developing locations are often faced with increasing difficulties in securing a stable and sufficient power supply.

The temporary nature, cost implications and in many instances the distinct lack of resources, presents a significant obstacle in accessing a utility grid power supply. Throughout the world these issues are generally resolved with the use of inefficient diesel generators.

As our oil resources decrease and our carbon emissions continue to increase this becomes an increasingly undesirable solution.

Between 2004 and 2010 the average diesel price doubled with the trend set to continue. At the same time, no other technology has realised such cost reductions in the market as solar photovoltaic systems.

As a result of intelligent system technologies, PV systems can be seamlessly integrated with other technologies to provide completely off grid developments to remote locations.


Water is a basic vital essential that is often taken for granted. Many locations around the world do not benefit from a mains water supply or the cost of a permanent supply is prohibitive. As is the case with electricity, fuel and gas it is a certainty that the cost of water will increase over time.

Concerns about increasing shortages of water throughout the world, has resulted in the development of strategies to stretch the available fresh water whilst attempts have also been made to convert more sea water for drinking and irrigation. Increasing populations and with more and more people abandoning the countryside for the cities; low- rainfall and drought has made the situation more critical now than ever.

Here at GHG our solutions can incorporate specifically designed water recycling technologies which can eliminate the requirement for a mains water connection and assist in minimising water consumption. The water recycling technologies also assist in reducing electricity consumption.